Fundraising Program

 Stress Free Kids Fundraising Program Makes Dreams Come True!

Teachers dream of a relaxed classroom filled with children that can concentrate, control their anger, emotions, and anxiety! Schools dream of generating funds for their technology fund, playground, and a host of other needs while parents dream of ending bedtime battles!

Stress Free Kids Fundraising Program makes dreams come true! Our Indigo Dreams CD series helps families, teachers, and children and at the same time ideal for school fundraisers.  Today’s stress levels are high for children and teenagers. Stress Free Kids CDs are specifically designed for all ages and have proven techniques to help reduce stress. We introduce stress and anger management techniques to children, teens, and adults! Children that practice relaxation techniques can enjoy wellness, higher test scores, and greater attendance!

The relaxation music alone on these CDs can and will make a huge difference in your home and classroom. The techniques introduced can make a lifelong difference. This is a fundraiser everyone benefits from!

At HOME some of the things these CDs can help with:

  • Decrease worries, phobias, night terrors, bedtime battles
  • Decrease tantrums, moodiness, irritability
  • Increase self-belief
  • Deal with transitions, such as divorce, having a sibling or child with special needs, and health challenges.
  • Fall asleep peacefully and quickly and have a better more restful night’s sleep.

In the CLASSROOM some of the things these CDs can help with:

  • Improve positive attitudes
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase the ability to focus & concentrate on tasks
  • Decrease test taking anxiety
  • Ease transitions
  • Decrease aggressive behaviors
  • Increase acceptance of others

Now your school, group or organization can generate funds while helping children, teens and adults decrease stress, anxiety, and anger. Teaming up with Stress Free Kids brings stress management and relaxation to your families while generating funds that will benefit your school/organization.

Four Simple Steps:

  1. Announce the fundraiser via Handouts ~ Emails ~ Newsletters ~ Social Media
  2. Collect Orders – (You earn 40% of all sales generated)
  3. Send  final order and payment to Stress Free Kids
  4. You receive the product and fundraising check within 14 days

Start today! Download Quick Start forms and information

Any questions or information should be addressed to our Fundraising Representative:

email: [email protected] or call 678-642-9555.


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