Book and CD packages lower stress for the whole family

Sueños del Océano Índigo Paquete-Infantiles reducir el estrés

Infantiles reducir el estrés con historias y técnicas escritas por los padres experto, Lori Lite.  Sueños del Océano Índigo Paquete ofrece técnicas de relajación para niños en un formato narrativo donde los niños seguir a los personajes a lo largo y aprender las técnicas basadas en la investigación de la respiración, visualizaciones, afirmaciones y relajación musculares.

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Family Package Plus

Relaxation stories for kids and guided relaxation techniques for teens and adults allow for the whole family to learn stress-management techniques while enjoying relaxation together. All of the CDs include relaxing music throughout and an additional music soundtrack to enhance your relaxation experience.

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Indigo Ocean Dreams Package Plus

Children ages 4-11 can learn relaxation techniques through unique stories in books and CDs. Children follow the characters along as they learn research-based techniques throughout the stories lowering stress, anger and anxiety levels, promoting creativity, building self-esteem and confidence and enhancing sleep. This package helps kids with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, self-esteem, relaxation and other challenges.

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Indigo Ocean Dreams Package

The Indigo Ocean Dreams book and CD set offers relaxation techniques for children in a story-telling format where the children follow the characters along and learn the research-based techniques of breathing, visualizations, affirmations and muscular relaxation.

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