Book and CD packages lower stress for the whole family

Relaxing Music Package

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created by Lori Lite

Children enjoy listening to relaxing music from the Indigo Dreams collection. Three full hours of soothing melodies have universal appeal for children, teens, and adults. This music was created to be uplifting and relaxing at the same time. The listener feels filled with hope and inspiration. …Details and ORDERS »


Indigo Ocean Dreams Package

The Indigo Ocean Dreams book and CD set offers relaxation techniques for children in a story-telling format where the children follow the characters along and learn the research-based techniques of breathing, visualizations, affirmations and muscular relaxation.

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Indigo Ocean Dreams Package Plus

Children ages 4-11 can learn relaxation techniques through unique stories in books and CDs. Children follow the characters along as they learn research-based techniques throughout the stories lowering stress, anger and anxiety levels, promoting creativity, building self-esteem and confidence and enhancing sleep. This package helps kids with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, self-esteem, relaxation and other challenges.

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Family Package Plus

Relaxation stories for kids and guided relaxation techniques for teens and adults allow for the whole family to learn stress-management techniques while enjoying relaxation together. All of the CDs include relaxing music throughout and an additional music soundtrack to enhance your relaxation experience.

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Sueños del Océano Índigo Paquete-Infantiles reducir el estrés

Infantiles reducir el estrés con historias y técnicas escritas por los padres experto, Lori Lite.  Sueños del Océano Índigo Paquete ofrece técnicas de relajación para niños en un formato narrativo donde los niños seguir a los personajes a lo largo y aprender las técnicas basadas en la investigación de la respiración, visualizaciones, afirmaciones y relajación musculares.

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